Welcome to my Tai Chi blog. Share with me your thoughts and expectations.

6 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. albaestela said:

    Beautiful image!

    • what’s the link with Tai-qi?
      white crane spread the wings?

      • Crane’s moves are extensively used in Wushu and Thai Chi and many legends talk about this bird.
        Based on the observation of its movements, a style was developed in the Southern regions of China, White Crane Style.
        The point of this style is to make less use of physical strength, using evasion and attacks to vital and vulnerable areas instead. White crane fighting elements are popular, especially in women’s self-defense, because they don’t depend on strength, but in agility, focus, coordination and speed.
        And…yes, the crane is very feminine in its elegance and balance!

  2. Hi Monica, I have been studying your site and I like it very much. I saw the Italian teacher, Giuseppe Paterniti who tought you Qigong practises for childeren. I am interested what he has tought you!

  3. Thank you Nicki.
    Giuseppe taught me the animals’ walks and jumps that kids use for warming up.
    You can watch the videos on YouTube under Stonetempletao, the name of his school and of his channel. There is a session, I believe, in which you can see a group of kids/boys performing the 5 animals.

  4. Hello dear Monica
    Like your style
    It is beautiful
    Nice ressonance fluid movements with grace in timeless beiing

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