about me

My name is Monica Martin and I am Italian.
I started practicing Tai Chi in 2004 as a students of the “Italian Federation of Martial Art” in Oderzo (Italy), where I was born.

In 2007 I moved to Portland (Oregon, USA) and I kept on practicing at the US Wushu Center where Master Shaowen YU and Master Jiamin Gao have been teaching for more than 15 years.
During my stay in USA I learned Yang Style (24 and 48 hand form, 32 straight sword form) and Chen Style (chen broadsword and 24 hand form) and attended seminars on Ba Qua Palm held by Master Jiang Sheming.

In 2010 I moved to Tokyo and I kept practicing as a member of the Kanagawa Bujiutsu Taikyokuken and Gonfu Association, where Masters Ra Kyo and Riu Sei were my teachers. Under their guidance I learned the 32 and 42 hand form, the 52 fan form and the 42 straight sword form. I have been studying 18 and 56 Chen style hand forms, Chen style straight sword form and improving all the forms previously learned.
I participated to several Tai Chi festivals in Tokyo and in 2012, 2013 and 2014 I competed at the All Japan Wushu and Tai Chi Championship in Tokyo Prefecture, performing 24 Yang.
As a member of Otaku Tai Chi and Kung Fu Association I won the 3rd prize in the 68th National Sport Festival in tokyo, in October 2013, performing 52 fan form.
I have been teaching Tai Chi at the Tokyo American Club, at the “Associazione Donne Italiane” in Tokyo, to a group of German women and to a group of international students in Hiroo, Tokyo.

In August 2014 I moved to Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I met Master Amien Ko and he is my current teacher. Master Ko is from China but moved to The Netherlands almost 40 years ago.
Under his guidance I am learning 108 classic Yang style, and refining my 32 Taiji Jian (straight sword), Yang style. I keep practicing and refining 56 Chen hand form.


1 thought on “about me”

  1. Dear Monica, I would like to send you the poem from Sifu Tang ,but I lost your card!
    You have a very beautiful website! congratulations,it looks very nice!
    my mailadres is ; art.hardmeier@gmail.com

    See you friday!
    ps :I have tibetan doctor who is coming once or twice a year ,she is very good. If you know people or you are interested just let me know,she is here between 18-26 april.

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