Today’lesson was really active and interesting, some of you made interesting questions and I believe this creates a more interactive and aware attitude towards the practice. Please, keep on asking questions!

Reminder for this lesson

We warmed up and stretched. Afterword we practiced the Tai Chi walk emphasizing the breathing: inhaling and exhaling properly helps to release stress and increases focusing skills.

“…Breathe slowly through the nose, directing the mind and breath and vitality back down to the abdomen. As the body resumes a calmer state, the mind experiences uncommon serenity…” (Da Liu, Tai Chi Ch’uan and Meditation).

The martial application of “Brush Knee” was examined, as well as the “Yin and Yang palm”, as a tool to apply leverage on the opponent’s arm.

Next lesson

We’ll keep on practicing “Eight style’ and the “Grasp the Sparrow”s Tail” stance will be examined step by step.

Looking forward to practicing together next Friday!