Today I was so pleased to see the improvements of my students! The walk is much smoother now and the balance pretty consistent and enhanced!

During the walk we stressed the importance of alternating the  expansion of the chest, when extending the back leg, with  tucking in the tail bone when we step forward and shift the body weight back. This alternating process is the eternal transformation of “yin” (tucking in) into  “yang” (chest expansion) into “yin” again.

Afterward we practiced “eight style”, reviewing step by step “Ward Off” stance.

At the end of the lesson I performed “24 Yang Style” which will be the subject of our  practice during the next five lessons. We talked about how Tai Chi Masters and disciples developed the formes watching and studying the animals’ moves. It was common for exercise methods to include movements adapted from those of animals. There are several examples of these movements such as Bring the Tiger to the Mountain, Snake Creeps Down Through the Grass, Step back and Repulse Monkey, White Crane Spreads Wings, Golden Cock on One Leg, etc…The function of these movements is to help guide the breathing and the energy circulation through the body.

We’ll  review the “Heel Kicking” and “Embrace the Tiger”  next lesson and I’ll introduce the Standing Meditation’s technique.