I  have recently met Giuseppe Paterniti, an Italian Tai Chi and Qi Gong master.
I came across one of his videos when I was surfing on internet, looking for Chen sword’s forms.
The thing that caught my attention the most was that he teaches in the County of Treviso (North Eastern Italy), the one I come from. Second, but not less important, was his mastery in Chen Style.
I could immediately understand that he learned directly from great Chinese teachers.
As soon as I saw his video I felt the urge to contact him and arrange a lesson, in order to resume the practice of a Chen sword form that I have been studying for almost two years with my Master Luo Liuqing, in Tokyo.
I got in touch with Giuseppe and went to Italy for a week during which I worked with him and achieved also a certification for teaching Tai Chi Chen and Qi Gong to kids (Chen Shin Kung Fu).

I found out that he stayed for long periods of time at the Chen Jiagou village in Henan province where Chen style is supposed to be born. Giuseppe taught me all the sets of exercises that kids, boys and girls learn when they first start practicing Kung Fu. He is a natural teacher, very generous and patient.
I am planning to teach this program at ISA (International School of Amsterdam), attended by my son Pietro.

Giuseppe invited me to join the alliance of TaiCh and Qi Gong schools he created, called AMHA ( Alliance for Martial and Healing Arts, http://www.amha.info).
I am currently curating the English version of the website.
The aims of the alliance sounded very inspiring to me and I can say that now I feel part of a group.

Please, enjoy the video of Master Giuseppe Paterniti.