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Competing is always a positive decision.

I wanted to share some thoughts about this important decision.

First of all, I think everybody  competes with themselves, their fears and limitations. Thus, deciding to compete means conquering these fears.

Second, the competition represents an effective way to reach a certain goal such as  higher skills in  performing a form. To do so discipline is required!

Third, during the competition you get to know many other martial artists. This is a nice way to explore and engage with the Martial Arts’ community.

Last but not least, after your performance is over and the jury shows your score, you must accept it with humbleness, either you agree with it or not. It’s part of the game.

This happened to me when I competed for Modern 42 Combined Hand Form, in Utrecht, The Netherlands, on Saturday, November 11.

Below you can  watch the video that my friend Marijke shot for me that day.