The Straight Sword 32 Yang Form

Choosing this sacred music for a form in which a weapon is used may be arguable but I really loved the smoothness, the grace and yet the power and internal energy of this Master!

Master Gao performs “Eight Style”

Master Gao performs 24 Yang Style

Master Gao performs the 42 Straight Sword

Tai Chi and self defense: Push Hands

One move, one hundred moves

Wudang Tai Chi


3 thoughts on “Videos”

  1. mami yamasihita said:

    Beautiful ! Thank you for inviting me to your blog. I really enjoyed it.

  2. Hello dear friend! After trying to practice the 8-style I had to come back to your blog and check out the video to make sure that I was doing it right…ehemmm, it was good to see it once again in order to correct each step! It is a great blog! Thank you for creating it!! I did my eight brocades today and I feel great and energized now! Thank you so much for teaching me/us with so much love! Missing you very much in Tokyo and sending you a hug as big as Mt. Fuji! Bye!

  3. Dear Sofia,
    how great you are doing independent practice!
    Great Sofia, well done! Independent practice can be harder but certainly the most effective way to learn.
    I will become more active and post some news about my Tai Chi in Amsterdam!
    I miss your smiling face too!
    A big hug and keep checking out my blog!

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