Today’s  lesson

Thank you again to all of you for coming today! We worked hard!

Here’s a reminder of what we practiced this morning:

– Preliminary QiGong’s stretching and warming up,

-Heaven’s Mountain,

– Tai chi walking: how to step forward and laterally, lower limbs’ moves,

– “Holding the Ball”: upper body’s moves,

– “Parting the Wild Horse’s Mane”: combining lower and upper body’s moves into this basic stance. The martial application of this stance has been examined,

– “Eight Style”: we performed it from the beginning to the end and we’ll keep on practicing it.

Next lessons’program

We’ll review everything we practiced today and I’ll introduce “Brush Knee” stance.


I look forward to practicing with you next week and …remember:

prepare yourself mentally, relax and  cleanse your mind from all thoughts. Your internal energy will flow!