Things are already getting smoother! I have already seen a shift: everybody was more confident, balance is improving and the awareness of body posture increased! By the end of the course all of you will be able to perform “eight style” by yourself!

Reminder of what we practiced

We warmed up and stretched as in the first lesson: Qi Qong and Tenzan Lenko.

Then we practiced  basic  and the lateral walk. We focused also on upper body’s moves in “clouds hands”, and then combined them with the lower body moves. “Cloud hands” is a complex set of moves and requires a lot of practice; it gives an incredible piece of mind once you’ll be able to perform it smoothly.

Next lesson

“Brush knee” and its martial application will be examined during the  next lesson.

We’ll keep on practicing “eight style”.

If we  breath correctly during  practice will expel the old and take in the new. This action brings to longevity.

Practice as much as you can!