Today everyone was very committed and focused. I could perceived a higher degree of relaxation and awareness! The class is beginning to feel how the energy moves through the body and to breathe correctly.

Today’s lesson remainder

After the preliminary stretch and warm up, we reviewed the basic concepts about the Tai Chi’s walk: how to switch the weight from one leg to the other, how to move the upper body, following  straight and diagonal directions, how to coordinate back and front leg, how to align feet.

Then we examined “Grasp Sparrow’s Tail” step by step, focusing on the martial meaning of arms’ and hands’ moves: we talked about “yin” and “yang” palm and how effective the coordination between the pushing hands and the back leg is for body stability.

After that we practiced “Eighteen Style” twice and we stretched at the end of the lesson.

Next lesson

We’ll be reviewing “Cloud Hands” and the opening of the form.

I look forward to seeing you all next lesson!