I felt so rewarded today when I saw all my students at the studio, willing to practice Tai chi, despite the gorgeous weather outside! That motivated me even more!

Today lesson’s reminder

We warmed up and stretched as usually doing some Qi Kong exercises and “Tenzan Lenko” style.

After that we practiced the walk, emphasizing how hips’ and heels’ moves are interrelated when you shift body weight and step forward. Also  spine moves were examined when stepping forward and  shifting body weight on the back leg.

A question had been asked: “Will we keep always this speed? Are we going to be faster?”. Actually we will be a little bit faster, so far we kept the current speed on purpose, to better understand all the moves and the transitions involved.

We reviewed the opening of the form (“Lifting Water”) and “Clouds hands”, together with the martial applications.

After that we practiced “Eight Style” twice and then we ended the lesson meditating and breathing in and out on a horse stance.

Next lesson

We’ll be reviewing “Eight Style,  “Heel Kick” stance and “Embrace The Tiger” stance (closing of the form).

At the end of the lesson I will be performing “24 Yang Style” wich will be the next form we are going to study.

“The breath is the most powerful tool for gathering, circulating, purifying and directing Qi” (The healing promise of Qi”, Roger Jahnke, 2002).

See you in two weeks!