Yesterday I asked my Tai Chi teacher Liu Sensei how to relax hands, because I feel mines are kind of stiff and contracted. She answered that first you need to be pushing or releasing energy in any other different ways, to be able, afterwards, to relax.
Usually relaxation comes after you sink your wrists and you need to visualize the energy coming out of your middle fingers.
This explanation was really enlightening and, once again, consistent with Taoism’s principles: Tai Chi is an endless alternation of releasing and receiving energy.

Reminder of what we did last lesson

We practiced the backward walk, emphasizing the importance of not to cross your legs while doing this move: crossing your feet would, once again, compromise your balance and, hence, your stability.
We then studied the arm’s moves and combined them to the legs’ ones: now we know how to “Repulse The Monkey”.
We practiced “Eight Style” and went further on in “24 Yang” form: from “Playing The Lute”, till “Repulse The Monkey”, “Ward Off” and “Grasp The Sparrow’s Tail” left and right, “First Single Whip”, “Clouds Hands” and “Second Single Whip”.

Now my students know 60% of “24 Yang” form!