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Yesterday I participated to the rehearsal for the Tokyo Prefecture Trials that will be held in Hamacho next March, on the 10th, at the Shogo Sports Center. The first two people selected for each category will attend the 30th All Japan Wushu Taijiquan Championship, next June. I will perform 24 form Yang Style.
My rehearsal went well, I was nervous but I could control the tension and my balance and focus were not affected by the fear. Although I have to say that I felt stiffer than usual and still a lot need to be improved. Tai Chi is really hard to master. Liu Sensei was watching me and at the end she gave few valuable suggestions and I will work on that in the next days.
I shot two videos of my companions and I want to share one: it’s called Tairen and it means “Fighting Couple”. These tow people are among the most talented athletes we have in the Bujutsu Tai, the association I am a member of and were Liu Sensei and her husband, Ra Sensei, teach. I am currently working on the format of this video and as soon as I can I will post it in the “Videos” page.