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Next March, on the tenth, at the trials in Tokyo Prefecture, I won’t be fighting against anybody but myself.
It’s hard to defy fear and tension, not to feel overwhelmed by the implacable look of the four judges sitting at the corners of the koto area, to keep your internal rhythm and calmness when outside announcements are given repeatedly.
Someone may argue why I do this. My answer is that I want to compete because it gives a strong motivation to improve; the way for mastering Tai Chi is very long and sometimes you need your spark to become a fire, in order to refine your technique, make your style look more beautiful and maybe be able to inspire people to approach Tai Chi.

So, if you want to watch me come to the Shogo Sport Center in Hamacho (Chuo-Ku), on March the 10th: I will perform “24 Yang Style” form, around 2:30, in koto # 1. My number is 223.

But the most important thing is that you’ll be delighted by hundreds of athletes performing every Style of Tai Chi and Kung Fu, using many different weapons. I think that if you come you’ll be tremendously inspired and motivated in your practice, as well.

I hope to see you there!