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Dear Tai chi lovers,
Summer is here and most of us are planning to leave for their home country for few weeks, to spend time with relatives and friends.
This is a special moment of the year, a moment during which everybody who’s leaving will quit, for quite a long time, all the usual activities.
This break can be refreshing for someone, frustrating for others.
If you belong to the second group of people, then Tai chi can help you, because you can practice it wherever you find a quiet place. Practicing Tai chi will help you out a great deal when you suffer from jetlag, either when you arrive to your home country or when you come back to Japan.
I strongly encourage you to keep practicing without your mates and sensei; this is the moment when you deeply internalize what you have practiced during the class.
There’s no advancing in learning without personal, independent practice.

Tai chi can be your internal treasure, the source of refined and dynamic energy that you can store up and reuse whenever it is necessary.

Keep that in mind and enjoy your summer!

Many blessings.